Oklahoma Aquarium, Jenks (near Tulsa)

300 Aquarium Drive, Jenks, OK 74037 (Near Tulsa)

by Roger Due [2-12-2023].

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On Sunday afternoon I visited the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, which is only an 18 minute drive from home & SW of Tulsa. I don't know how they cornered the name "Oklahoma Aquarius", because there are other aquariums in Oklahoma. Take a look at their Animals & Exhibits page for information about what to expect & the Exhibit Map. This aquarium is a great resource for families to bring their kids. The 2021-2022 Annual Report has a lot more information.

I finally appreciated the benefits of high resolution sensors in the newer digital cameras. The image sensor in my Fuji camera is 40 Mpixels (7728 x 5152 pixels). At first glance, this seems like overkill when most desktop monitors & laptops are only 1920x1080. But this is very handy when cropping & resizing images. In many situations I was able to select a small area in a photo & still have way more pixels needed when resizing to fit within 1920x1080. Here is another amazing observation. I took 174 photos at the aquarium & culled it down to 56 for this article. By cropping & changing all images to fit within 1920x1080, the average file size was reduced by over 90%. When these images were uploaded to this website, the 'lossy' compression software reduced each file size more than 90% again without you noticing a difference from the original. This is a major reason my displaying these images on your computer, tablet, or phone is very fast.

You can simply scroll through the following image gallery, or click on images to display a larger version. Using a computer or tablet with the browser set to full screen will give you the most detail. Enjoy...