Shawnee Painted Horses

by Roger Due [9-3-2023].

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On Sunday, September 3rd, I drove about 2 hours to Shawnee & wanted to photograph all 34 of the painted horses. By the time it got dark, I had photographed 20 & still had 5 more to go. Unfortunately, I found that 9 of the 34 were broken or no longer there. In the afternoon the temperature was about 100 degF, so I stopped a few times to get a snack and even a large vanilla yogurt cone at a Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store. [1-19-2023] Most People Don’t Know The Story Behind The Painted Horses In Shawnee, Oklahoma. I saw this article many months ago and wanted to visit Shawnee to photograph these painted horses. Painted Horses. In 2007, then-mayor Chuck Mills undertook the "Horses in the City" project, to celebrate Shawnee's part of Oklahoma's centennial.

Download the list & addresses of the painted horses