Tulsa State Fair, October 2022

by Roger Due [10-5-2022].

Scroll down for more photos & videos.

The Tulsa State Fair was held from September 29th through October 9th. I went on Wednesday  afternoon & evening. I was especially interested in the "Night of Champions", since I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Indiana and often showed cattle & other 4-H activities at the county fair & other regional fairs.

The Tulsa State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair Ringmasters are excited to present The Night of Champions! In lieu of the traditional Junior Livestock Auction, this transformative event will be a fun, exciting evening to celebrate and honor 150 of Oklahoma's 4-H and FFA youth who "MAKE THE STAGE" as well as select the prestigious Grand and Reserve Grand Champions. The mission and goal remains the same, to reward the victorious individuals for their hard work and accomplishments, but on a larger stage. The Tulsa State Fair is committed to providing today’s youth an opportunity to seek a future in agriculture and promote continued education by presenting over $400,000 in monetary awards.

Here are a few photos & videos from the fair. There was a lot more to see than I was able to take in.

Of course, every fair needs rides & entertainment for the children.

Of course, you can always get a temporary tattoo.

Various types of food are everywhere.

Games like this never go out of style & were available when I was a kid.

Did you ever try to stand the bottle up without having it tip over? Same as when I was a kid.

Now let's head over to see the show animals.

It was hot outside. I needed to cool down & rest, so asked to join this fellow at his table. We had a long & very interesting conversation. He is from the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona & had come to Tulsa to advance his education in one of the contractor trades. He was willing to share a lot of insights about the Navajo way of life. He gave me his contact information, so if I'm every out there it would be very interesting to visit. I bought a bracelet he had made.

Notice the stage in the background. After the selection of winners, they were brought to the stage & presented with their prizes & asked questions about what it meant to compete. This is also where the VIPs sat. The showings were to the left, as seen in some of the following.

If you know anything about hogs, you will realize that these young people have spent a lot of time to train their pigs to get them to walk where they should & stop on command.

Notice how well these young people are able to get their pigs to move where they are wanted. This is not an easy task.

While growing up on a dairy farm in Indiana, I used to show a variety of Guernsey cattle at the county fair & other local fairs.

One of the local news stations had said great things about the food here, so there was a line. I was getting ready to leave, so treated myself.

This was a big helping & definitely very tasty!!!